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Iedereen Leest (Everybody Reads) is a non-profit organisation that wants to inspire people to read (more). Iedereen Leest is mainly concerned with making reading accessible for everybody. Being able to read is of absolute importance for personal development and participation in society. Iedereen Leest highlights the crucial role of reading for pleasure in the literacy discourse: it is the key to an inspiring reading climate and a broad reading culture. 'More reading for pleasure, more readers': that is our aim.

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Iedereen Leest connects people and organisations in order to create (local) networks and communities that focus on improving the reading engagement of children, young people and adults in Flanders and Brussels. The organisation was founded by the Flemish government and is funded by Flanders Literature (the Flemish fund for literature).

Iedereen Leest coordinates campaigns to make reading more visible and develops programs for libraries, schools, child care centres and other organisations to share methods and ideas to enhance reading engagement. In March, the 'Jeugdboekenmaand' (Children's Book Month) celebrates children's books in schools, libraries and book shops. Authors and illustrators visit schools and talk about their work. Libraries organize extra activities for children during this campaign. In November, the 'Voorleesweek' (Reading Aloud Week) focuses on the joy and benefits of reading aloud to children. Child care centres, libraries and schools in Flanders and Brussels schedule lots of reading aloud activities in Dutch, but also in other languages.

Iedereen Leest also coordinates 'Boekstart' (Bookstart), a program for babies and toddlers (and their parents). Boekstart brings books into the lives of young readers at key ages before school. It informs parents about the importance of books in their children's development. In another program, the 'Leesjury' (Children's Reading Panel), more than 10.000 children from 4 to 18 years old get together in libraries or at school to discuss the eight books they have read throughout the year. In April, they all vote for their favorite books. 

Iedereen Leest is a member of the European network EU Read, a consortium of reading organisations that wants to exchange knowledge and develop new strategies for establishing a lifelong reader engagement. Iedereen Leest is also a member of  IBBY, the International Board on Books for Young People. This is an international network of organisations striving to bring books and children together.

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